Dobi AgriCo Commissions 95KW Solar Power Plant

Dobi AgriCo launches a 95KW Solar Power Plant in Abuja

Dobi AgriCo is proud and delighted to announce the successful commissioning of a 95KW solar power plant at the Dobi Farms, located on a 200-hectre piece of farmland in Gwagwalada, Abuja. This significant renewable energy project marks a major milestone in the farm's commitment to sustainability, sustainable operations, and clean energy generation.

The newly installed solar powerplant consists of 170 solar panels, an inverter and an Energy Storage System (ESS), positioned to generate clean electricity for the farm’s operations. It is estimated that the plant will produce approximately 160 MWh of clean energy annually, equivalent to reducing 24 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually and save approximately 64,000 liters of diesel consumption each year. With the commissioning of the solar power plant, the farm is taking a giant leap forward in reducing its carbon footprint and becoming a role model for sustainable agricultural operations in Nigeria.

The solar power plant project was a collaborative effort, made possible through partnerships with renewable energy consultants and providers, Ceesolar and Ashipa Electric. Their expertise in solar power systems has ensured the smooth installation and optimal performance of the plant. The project was also brought to life through partnerships with financial institutions – The Central Bank of Nigeria and Keystone Bank.

"We are thrilled to announce the commissioning of our 95kW solar power plant," said Ayodeji Ibosiola, the General Manager of Dobi AgriCo. "This project showcases our commitment and our dedication towards a better environment, not just for us, but for the people within the communities we serve."

The commissioning of this solar power plant will serve as a shining example for other farms and businesses in the region, inspiring them to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to a low-carbon economy.