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At LATC, we believe that our organization thrives because our people do. As a result, we are committed to diversity, inclusion, and growth and pride ourselves in attracting and retaining energetic, highly-skilled, and talented individuals from various backgrounds who align with our values and can evolve into other roles as their ambitions demand.

Career stories

Life at LATC

Dobi AgricCo farm worker sorting out peppers of various colours
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Assuming the responsibility of feeding a nation is no small task, and I see myself playing a role in fulfilling the company's mission. I've grown a lot, thanks to our ethic of continuous improvement. Whenever I look at a food shelf in a grocery store, I feel a sense of pride knowing that Dobi AgriCo has a hand in it, and I contributed my quota.

Stephen Tanimu
Farm Hand | Dobi AgriCo
Portrait photo of Sayo Osinbowale against a grey background.
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I have worked in retail businesses before, but with BrandCo, it has been a cut above anything I have experienced before. Not only have I been empowered to grow, but I have also become encouraged to try new things, thanks to the template laid out before me by the organisation through which I serve customers. I truly belong here.

Sayo Osinbowale
Manager |BrandCo
Marine worker on cell phone in front of waves
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As captain of the MV Dearest Miss Petté, I am responsible for moving goods from shore to our clients on deep-sea rigs daily, which is intense and rewarding. The look on the workers' faces on those rigs when they receive fresh supplies from land is a highlight, which makes every trip worth it.

Gregory Apianpian
Captain |LATC Marine
Dock worker for Hartmann Offshore Nigeria smiling at camera in full protective gear
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Working on ships is exhilarating. Waking up every day to the sounds of the ocean and beautiful tropical weather is a dream come true. The diverse group of people we meet every day is just the cherry on the cake.

Edwin Wali

Team goals

Our people objective


Engage hearts and minds to motivate our people.


Build capacity and create an environment where people can realize their full potentials


Position our people to deliver on strategic objectives and demonstrate leadership

African corporate co-workers having a friendly discussion
Corporate African office meeting with mixed genders
Woman working in front of computer


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